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A new age perspective: The human side of Mothers

May 8, 2016
A new age perspective: The human side of Mothers


Clearly, Mothers are awesome and there are no words to define them, but it is urgent for society to understand and be accepting of the fact that there is a shift into motherhood that females experience.  We need to value the change they embark in as a Human Female into motherhood.

This change is something that they could have never planned for, much less, know if they would find pleasing. Whether it was hating being pregnant or finding parenting to be not all it was cracked up to be, the silent reality is that not all Females naturally enjoy motherhood.

Once We logically accept this, we would free ourselves from so much pain.

A female, from the very start of conception has no idea what it is to be a parent, much less know what that means for their unique body and mind.

They have some vague idea, of course, because they typically have been raised by a female (who also didn’t know what she was doing). Or they have read, “What to expect while you’re expecting.”

Even still, there is an unknown at the end of that biological impulse to conceive, or that slip up. Because let’s face it, not everyone walking around these grounds have been planned.

She is a female human until she is not; and in an instant she becomes a mother. Yes female! But Above all a mother… And there is so much expectation attached to that word… Mother.

Expectation from herself, from the world and from the child. This expectation is painful for all parties involved.  This expectation most likely gives rise to a never ending feeling of guilt or inadequacy for the mom, creates judgements from the world and unrealistic expectations for the child.

Let us be more allowing and free flowing with the concept of motherhood! 

What specifically makes me so outraged, is that this Expectation is so Strong in our society that when we hear that a mother has packed her bags and left her kids, we are shocked. Yet we are naturally more forgiving when a father leaves.

This is not acceptable. 

Let’s Value Female Energy, for it moves through all of us in all kinds of doses. I’ve met many single men that have raised wonderful children.

Let’s value Female Energy, for throughout the years has been diminished in all sorts of manners.  (Religion, Politics, Media, videos objectifying the female body…)

Mothers: allow yourself to be human, breathe out the guilt, the worry, the “mistakes;” for you are spirit first and are here on Earth to learn. Mistakes are necessary, it helps us grow.

Your children have to take responsibility for themselves someday.  Have fun, do what you love, buy that purse you’ve been wanting instead of sneakers for your kid. They probably have sneakers to spare.

Allow yourself to be Human, Female and happy!

In addition, lets ALL of us get rid of our own hang ups with our own mothers and fathers for they did the best they could and had no clue what they were doing!

Let’s stop filling our children’s heads up with unrealistic expectations. Mothers are beautiful, unique makers of life who are also learning in this university called life!

Break the cycle of pain.  Change Begins with us!



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