Energy work and Massage Therapy



Mission Statement

To guide individuals through their journey of self- discovery, and health using energy medicine, Reiki,  bodywork, yoga, massage therapy, visualization techniques, art, movement, and writing.

Subtle Rhythms is about being mindful, learning how to understand the body’s internal rhythms and how the external can impact them. The external being relationships, past experiences, work and or everyday low and high-level stressors.

Paola Collazos is a Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Yoga Alliance Certified teacher and licensed Massage therapist. She discovered her calling as a bodyworker while searching for ways to heal herself. Enamored by philosophy, metaphysics, and spiritual teachings, Paola still affirms that nothing has enlightened her more than studying human anatomy, physiology, its subtle rhythms and its physical and mental manifestations.  She continues to be inspired by an individual’s ability to heal itself.  She has been working with people from all walks of life since 2002.  She is an artist, poet, teacher, and writer who has uniquely integrated all of her skills in order to promote peace and enlightenment by helping others heal themselves. Paola recently published her book, We are Magical Beings, A Healing Guide for Earthlings.