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Clearing the clutter in the home and mind

October 15, 2016

Your home is your safe space but more than that, it is the place in which you get things done, the place where you create, love, and get ready to bring yourself forward on to the world.  It is important to understand that the things that you keep in your home are reflections of your thoughts. Keeping unwanted things in the home can cause energy blocks in your life. Having some awareness of this concept can profoundly change your life.  If you begin to practice the art of letting not only objects around the home go, but also harmful thoughts you will see for yourself that beautiful things will start to flow into your life. Test it, and you will understand that everything truly is about energy and that it really does matter if you still have your ex’s sock in a draw.

We tend to hold on to things that people say to us, memories of things gone wrong, objects or clothing that are constant reminders of negative experiences.  It can be an old shirt, a friend that bullies us, an old photo. Whatever it may be for you, it creates stagnation in the home and in the body. When we let go, we create space for new things, new experiences and more happiness. It is simple and effective.

For me, the process of sorting things out is an ongoing activity. Just when I think that I’ve gotten rid of all the things that remind me of a painful moment or that I don’t use, I find another deep in the closet. This held true for me long ago when I continued to have an issue with a recurring nightmare.  The nightmare was about something painful I had experienced as child.  The next day, I begun to look through my closet to see if I had missed something, and there it was, an old book that reminded me of the experience.  Once I threw it out the dream stopped.  The minute it was gone, I felt movement and freedom from the pain.  The same goes with thoughts. Be mindful of your thoughts, don’t judge them but gently say good bye to them if they do not feel good.

Things to do:

  • If you haven’t worn it in the past year, donate it. By keeping it around you are telling the universe and yourself that you want things you don’t need or fit into. If you get into the grove of getting rid of material things that you don’t use, you will eventually do the same in other aspects of your life.  For example maybe moving on from a job you don’t like.
  • Keep your entrance beautiful and inviting.
  • If you get a gift you don’t like, pass it on. Do not keep things that you don’t want in the closet.  Keep things moving, if you do not like it, someone else may use it.
  • Dust often not just behind the tv but also inside the mind.
  • Free yourself from clutter, once you clear the clutter in your house then you can start to clear the clutter from your mind. Clutter represents stuck energy.
  • We all love thrift stores but be cautious of the objects you bring into the home for they can carry with them someone else’s dense energy. If you must have it draw a figure 8 over it with your hand.
  • After clearing the clutter and cleanings bring some flowers light a candle in the finished room.


There are tons of benefits to keeping a clutter free home and office space. You will find yourself being more productive and things start to magically go well for you.  You will begin to have better ideas, you will no longer feel blocked, and problems that seem to repeat themselves in your life will stop.






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