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Finding your Center; for Newbies

October 14, 2016


I am thrilled that more people are exploring alternative health options these days.  These are the times I’ve been anticipating.  For me, finding my center was a term I first heard when I was 18 years old in a Reiki Master Class – Throughout the years, as I continued my education and career in energy science and body work, I’ve learned that this concept is not always clear for others.  It is not always the norm to raise your hand in a yoga class or interrupt meditation hour to ask,

“What the heck does that mean?! When did I lose my center?  Am I unbalanced or flawed? Where exactly is my center? I didn’t even know I needed it!

The mind may continue to ask taunting questions in this way throughout an entire class or session, discouraging you or blurring the reasons why you attended the class in the first place.  If you focus and go back to the reason why you took the class in the first place, you will understand the Center and then begin to find it more often.

To say it simply, finding your center is a delicate state of being in which an individual finds balance and integration between mind, body and spirit.  I would like to clarify that whenever I talk of the spirit I am not talking about dogma.  I always use spirit in the sense of one’s individual consciousness.  The wonderful You that is here in the present. The one who has sorted through different concepts of existence throughout the years and has come up with their own conclusions.  Always respect the collective you.

How do we begin?

Be the CEO of your thoughts – I think that everyone can agree that the mind is a complex little booger. To delve into its complexity would take forever so for the purpose of getting to your center as quickly as possible I’d like to invite you to begin to observe your thoughts.  Do not judge your thoughts, just notice them.  Notice how a particular thought makes you feel.  With some time and practice you will find that some thoughts are not worth having around to torture you.  The better you get at firing these thoughts the closer you will get to your center.

Breathe – Without breath there is no life! Take deep breaths.  Do not be cheap with the air you breathe.   Make it a point to breathe with the entire body.  Fill your nose with air, feel your neck muscles as they pull your chest and ribs up, your belly filling with air.  Always breathe with intention. For me, setting aside time to just lay in the bed or floor, alone, paying attention to the breath, and or the body’s intricate little corners has always taken me straight to my Center.  The body is a magical vehicle.  Notice it! Acknowledge that there is blood flowing through your veins.

Techniques – 1) While breathing with intention place your index, middle and ring finger between your eyebrows. Place your other hand about one inch above your belly button.  Hold until you feel centered. 2) Spend time alone in nature and watch its effortlessness.  For example, I always love to watch the flow of the river. 3) Write down the thoughts that do not make you feel good and throw them away. For example, I will write down a thought and then burn the paper over the toilet and watch it flush away.

Remember finding your center is a personal journey and practice. Get creative and have fun with it. Only you will know what your center is but remember it is a delicate dance between Mind, Body and Spirit and it will always feel amazingly light and refreshing.  Pay attention to how you feel. That will be your compass.


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