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Following Your Dreams 101

December 25, 2017

Following your dreams is often a loaded statement, right? Of course we want to follow our dreams. Of course, there is always a deep desire to move on in search of something more, HOWEVER it is often not accessible to us – We cannot always just pack up and go climb that mountain… or whatever following your dreams means to you.


To this, I can only say that this accessibility we want in order to provide an environment conducive to following our dreams, exists!


You have to trust, be patient and decide that you want to sort out what’s happening in the mind.  The mind always has too much going on at once.

  • See if you can observe your thought patterns, and link these thoughts to past or current situations that actually manifested in your life (these could be negative or positive.)Write them down. The purpose of linking thoughts to actual events, is that you will start trusting that your thoughts do actually create things. Even chaotic things.
  • I know you’re probably sick of hearing this one BUT Gratitude, (honest gratitude, the universe knows when you are not being truly grateful.) Be grateful always. We create through feelings. The universe does not understand language, it understand vibrations, (our feelings).
  • Observe the feelings you get when you are in the process of paying bills. Do they provoke negative feelings such as anxiety or stress?  See if you can step back from these feelings and replace the negative feelings with feelings of joy.  Again the universe understands vibrations, therefore if you are feeling anxious about money you will only attract more anxious feelings in money situations. This one is hard to but necessary.  Use your imagination when doing this.
  • Take a playful approach! All of the above is a lot of information.  Start small, believe in perfect timing, breathe and watch your thoughts. See them come and go like the ocean. Notice how thoughts provoke feelings. Know that feelings creates things.
following your dreams 101

following your dreams 101


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