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How to smudge for newbies. Smudge, what?! Smudge you 2017!

December 31, 2017

Bring it on 2018, but first let’s prepare the home energetically –
We start by getting our hands on either of the following; Sage, Palo Santo or juniper. Available in health food stores, botanicas and or amazon. These are all powerful antibacterial air purifying, clearing stagnant energy agents.
Hopefully you already did your best to clean every room in your home, and threw away clutter and or things you no longer use such as clothing, books, etcetera. Remember keeping things that you no longer want or use keeps this kind of energy in your home. Donate, give away or trash them.

Start the smudge as follows:
1) Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I am now taking the time to energetically clear my home.”
2) Light the agent of choice, make figure 8’s and or spiral motions with it at the opening of closets and near ignored corners in the home.
3) For those who can sense energy, if you feel a stagnant corner, use your hands and clap deeply near the corner to scatter the energy. Repeat the smudge.
4) Swing the front door open and close (not completely shutting it) as if you’re shaking out the bad and bringing in the new.

5) After completing, lite a candle in each room, option to adorn the room with flowers or plants.



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