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intuition ✨👽 where does it come from ? & how do we cultivate it?

March 20, 2018













intuition where✨👽 does it come from ? & how do we cultivate it?

A few words came to mind as I pondered this question; Inspiration, trust & faith.

When an artist is inspired to paint something or when a person is inspired to be kind to another being, where does this impulse come from?

That is the question one must ask themselves. Yes, the mind helps to perceive the idea, the thought but where does it come from? Is this the place where intuition lives? The space right before the inspiration? Does it come from the spirit?

I suppose that this is where the trust and faith come in, belief in the self, confidence in the spirit ✨ Asking oneself these questions is how to cultivate intuition. One must explore this mysterious place- The space before the thought. For some, it may be a hard sell because You must trust but more than that, intuition is a knowing. I am not asking to have blind faith. One must truly know. And that takes time and self-awareness, but most crucial is a willingness to see.

When I think of the word inspiration, I think of a cluster of ideas, a giant imaginary light bulb popping on the top of my head much like a comic strip or cartoon. For me, inspiration usually follows through with a feeling much like butterflies in my stomach, or a spurt of nervous happiness. It feels good! I want to act out on it and manifest it, create it ⚡️🌏

Intuition and inspiration work together they are associates, partners in crime. With inspiration, one must also trust and have faith to bring the idea to life. 🔥

Things to do:

1) Write down your dreams. Most things will be random events that happened during the day before, mixed with fears and memories but once you develop the habit of writing them down, you will be able to acquire some useful information about yourself from your dreams. If you can’t remember your dreams just write down that you couldn’t remember it by doing this, you will teach your mind to try to remember for the next time.
2) Notice the ease in which animals and children live. A dog, for example, is content with merely playing with a ball or sitting on your lap. A child’s innocence and silliness is the very essence of spirit
3) Pay attention to your self-talk. What does your internal dialogue tell you? Get out of auto-pilot mode.
4) Get creative! This can mean anything. You can color, paint, dance, write, mold with clay, whatever you are attracted to will work.
6) Don’t’ take life so seriously; this can be a loaded statement especially when we have a lot of responsibilities but try to ease up. Remember the moment is now and before you know it it is gone. Say what you want. Be what you want. Do what you want!

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