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Manifest Abundance; Consider your kitchen a Lab of Alchemy

December 23, 2017

What if I were to tell you that abundance can be manifested from the actions you take from your very own Kitchen?

Not buying it? Well, it doesn’t hurt to try. In the end you’ll either manifest abundance or have a clean & organized kitchen. Either way you win.


Consider your kitchen an Alchemy Lab, a place where foods are transformed by FIRE * into nutrition for your body. It is a place of movement, joy and family. It is the place where foods are stored and Created.

According to Feng Shui philosophy, it is the area in the home that sustains life, also representing wealth & prosperity. You can tell by looking at a person’s kitchen how they care for their foods and or resources thus this treatment carries over in other areas.


  • Keep your kitchen clean and clutter free. In this way new and abundant energy can flow freely.
  • Do not keep utensils and or objects that you do not use anymore ( in the kitchen or anywhere else in the home). By keeping things you do not use or like in your home you allow stagnant energy or unwanted things into your life.
  • Do not let food go old/spoil. This calls in wasteful energy into your life. It also represents wasted money.
  • Keep the stove clean, including the stove burners. The Stove represents the element of fire in the kitchen, a very important component in alchemy or transformation and manifestation. Preserve it well.
  • Do not keep tea kettles filled with water on the stove as this metaphysically burns out the Fire.
  • Use all stove burners to keep the magic of transformation going.
  • Do not keep the trash near the stove. Your stove is the place of manifestation therefore keep it sacred.
  • Keep a night light or candle lit at night to keep the metaphysical Fire going. Be safe!












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