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Mother Nature’s Diligence, making way for the New Age

March 7, 2016

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The reality is simple, most humans will not care about an issue until it becomes personal for them.  Has nature’s ingenuity been hard at work since the 1970’s, diligently “making it personal,” in order to make people see a new reality? Has she, since then, been sending Earth three generations of very different beings in order to shift the minds of new mothers, who had no choice but to understand their “special need” child and advocate for them in a world that is so set on preserving antiquated ideas and systems.

I don’t ever doubt Nature’s intelligence and anything is possible!

There are no real answers as to why there is a high influx of children being labeled as ADHD or on the spectrum of Autism, therefore the extraordinary possibility that Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children exist in our world is not so far-fetched. Perhaps there is a more metaphysical reason for these wonderful children to exist.  Perhaps they are here to set the path for the new age!  To break down old systems and make new ones to support humanity’s spiritual evolution.

These children are here to aide us in our own spiritual advancement, so that we can break free from our own mental barriers.  They are here to show us that there are other ways of perceiving the world and that it’s not all about our old ways. The world is ever changing. They show us that there are other forms of communication and that language is not a superior form at all.  Today we can definitely see how communication is not always meaningful.

It is time to stop thinking that we cannot learn from ANY of our children. Does it not make sense that children can teach us patience, fun and living in the moment? They teach us about change and love.  Children come with fresh energy and as adults, though we are supposed to protect them, we are often guilty of remaining stagnant and not malleable in our thoughts.

Indigo children have been around since approximately the 1970’s or earlier, therefore some Indigo’s can now be adults-  They are rebellious and often get labeled ADHD because they are usually the “problem” kids. They have difficult teenage years and sometimes fall into drugs because they feel like outsiders.  They are here to break down injustice.  They are loud because they will say what is wrong with the world and change it.   They are here to set the way for the Crystal Children who are delicate and more in touch with their senses and feelings. They often do not speak until the age of three. They are healers and givers.  They will be a part of a new age one, that will value intuition and feelings. Crystals are often labeled.  There are not many Rainbow children in the world as of yet however their presence will be known and hopefully these three generations will bring forth a kinder gentler world that is not as obsessed with labeling and setting parameters for our ever changing, multi-dimensional  and extremely intricate existence.

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