Energy work and Massage Therapy

of letting go and spring cleaning

March 21, 2018

Letting go is not easy. We tend to hold on to things that people say to us, memories of things gone wrong or objects that are constant reminders of negative experiences. It can be an old shirt, a friend that bullies us, an old photo. Whatever it may be, it creates stagnation in the home and eventually in the body. The minute one starts practicing space clearing; life will change. Make room for the new by getting rid of the old. For me, this is an ongoing process, just when I think that I’ve gotten rid of all the things that remind me of a painful moment, I find another, deep in the closet. The minute it’s gone, I can feel my home is lighter and with better energy. I also become a little freer from the emotions that were attached to the object.

You can also work with Lung meridian by doing chest openers. Meridians– are energetic pathways that bring energy to organs or physiological systems.  There are 14 meridians, 12 pertain to an organ and 2 are called Central and Governing. Meridians have their own specific flow and they run on the surface of the skin.

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