Energy work and Massage Therapy


Please note that if you prefer a session to be in your home the prices will be different as it will depend on distance and parking.



Energetic Adjustments $100.00

Treatment is done with loose clothing on a mat or on table. A combination of Shiatsu, Energy Medicine techniques and Chakra balancing is used for a feeling of grounding, release and opening to new possibilities.

Shiatsu $90.00

Treatment is done with loose clothing on a mat or on table.  Practitioner  uses five element therapy to assess condition and either tonify, sedate or disperse meridians.  Practitioner  will use their entire body during the treatment.  This includes hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Chakra Clearing $60.00

Fine tune your energy ! Practitioner will test to see which Chakra needs clearing and then focus on all seven chakras, open dialogue and visualization is optional.

** Chakras are pools of spiraling energy that nourish the organs near the specific Chakra. They also sustain an individual’s history, processes all kinds of human experiences and rules the endocrine system.

Reiki $60.00 

A combination of light touch, open dialogue and visualization is used to bring attention and warmth to the seven chakras.

 ***The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Rhythms Massage $ 120.00

Massage is applied in the direction of meridian flow to promote overall relaxation and energetic harmony. Special attention is given to areas of need. The techniques used are inspired by both eastern and western modalities. Pressure is adjusted for client comfort.

** Meridians– are energetic pathways that bring energy to organs or physiological systems.  There are fourteen meridians, twelve pertaining to organs and two are called central and governing. Meridians have their own specific flow and they run on the surface of the skin.


Infant Massage or Parent and child Energy Work

Paola Collazos is certified in infant massage therapy and body work she has also led various community art programs for kids, including experience with special needs children. As an artist and energy worker she uses movement and art in order to support your child’s individual needs.

Contact for pricing as it depends on your child’s unique needs.



Reiki classes & attunements 

REIKI 1 Classes and attunement $240.00

REIKI 2 Classes and attunement $240.00

REIKI Master classes and attunement $ 350.00

Inner Self Exploring 

Explore your inner self, learn how to heal yourself through movement, meditation, art and writing

Home clearing 

Individuals will be guided on how to enhance energetic flow in the household for overall abundance and happiness. Initial consultation takes about two hours contact us for more information.

Spirit Coaching 

Feeling stuck in the same patterns, stressed out or unhappy? Are you dealing with an unexpected change of events in your life?

Spirit coaching may be what you need. Paola combines body work, home clearing, movement work and expression workshops in order to break free from unhealthy thinking patterns that impede the self from achieving its full potential. Initial consultation takes about two hours contact us for more information.

Parent and child work

Paola is certified in infant and child massage / body work she has also led many community Art programs for kids with special needs. She incorporates movement, energy work and art activities to promote overall wellness between parent and child relationships.

Contact for more information.