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Solar Plexus Chakra, Canoodle with your superpowers

April 5, 2018


First, we often do not consider our Chakras to be a part of us. Understandable, since we can not actually see them spiraling from us in a counter and clockwise motion. The spinning that occurs is happening to either bring fresh energy in or stagnant energy out of the body. The body is wise and self-healing. Our Chakras contain information about our spiritual journey through time as infinite energetic beings.

Manipura or the solar plexus particularly stuck out for me this week maybe because Spring is trying to make its arrival or perhaps because I’ve had to come into my own lately. The third chakra is all about our identity, our power and yes dare I say, Ego. It is a tough one in this world because the Ego has such a bad reputation and rightly so, history has taught us so much about crazy egotistical maniacs! BUT, when Manipura is balanced and working with the lower chakras, watch out world because your power will be known!

The Solar Plexus is the discerner, the organizer, it embodies logic and tends to be judgemental. It holds a lot of information about our past and how we grew up. When out of balance it can manifest any emotion that makes you feel wrong about who you are in the world, (anxiety, paranoia, being suspicious, not feeling good enough).

Its position is above the navel on the upper part of the abdomen, making it the busiest chakra. The kidneys, liver, adrenals, pancreas, spleen, diaphragm, stomach, gallbladder and lower rib cage hang out within its sphere. Also within its rule are Earth and Wood meridians.

Think about it like this, the root or first chakra is related to your primal needs, (eating, drinking, sex, feeling safe, and protected.) The womb chakra is where your creativity and intuition come from, and right above it, the solar plexus can give you the strength to bring out your true identity. Just how one may want mind and spirit to work in sync, we want womb chakra and solar plexus to work together.

Things you can do:

Place one had on your second chakra and the other the third chakra. You can do this in Shavasana or in seated meditation.

Circle your hands around the side of the body at your waist from back to front, across your belly and down the opposite leg. Do both sides.

Cat/cows in seated position. Linger in seated cow.

Side stretching.

Hover hand over the chakra in a counter-clockwise motion. Allow the chakra to guide your movements. If you are guided to go clockwise, do so.

Belly breaths.



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