Energy work and Massage Therapy

supporting your body for spring energy

March 22, 2018


As we attempt to say goodbye to Winter, we long for spring, a season that for some does not stick around long enough. Spring is a time of beauty, a time where everything grows bringing us fresh smells and visual colors. We often do not think about her however Mother Nature is working very hard to get all these things done. According to five element theory, Spring is associated with Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians and associated with the element Wood.

The nature of wood energy is expansive, and it flows upward. To support these Wood Organs pay attention to the sides of your body as Gallbladder Meridian flows along the sides of the body. Think of it as an energy that hugs your muscles/sinews together. Take the time to do side stretches to support this energy. Liver flows through your inner legs; therefore things like butterfly pose can help to support this energy.

Supporting your wood element can bring forth bold, and decisive energies into your life, giving you the ability to get things done. It also gives you a sense of power so that you can express yourself more efficiently. Also to add on to the theme of Spring. Any twisting that you can incorporate into your exercise routine can help your body detox from things that no longer serve the mind, body, and soul.



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