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we are magical beings a healing guide for earthlings.

March 26, 2018

I wrote We Are Magical Beings a Healing Guide for Earthlings because I believe in its message; we can all heal ourselves, and we can all be happier and healthier. We are Magical, and we are creators!

I know that all of that is hard to hear. I can hear your minds going on as you read on.  Maybe sounding a little like this, “What do you mean, Paola?! My life totally sucks right now! I hate my job, I’m broke and so on.”

But I ignored the doubts and wrote the book anyway. It was a calling.

Of course, I hesitated throughout the years because it meant having to reveal myself to the world but it also entailed believing in myself. Which growing up as I did was a hard thing to do. The first part of the book is about this growing up, and how it impacted my perception, always perceiving myself as not smart enough or not worthy enough.I did not make this part very long, but the point of adding it was to highlight something I believe in, “we all have pain, and the beauty of pain is that it connects us as humans.”

The funny thing is that no matter how crappy my past was, one thing I learned is that my story was not that special, we all have stories. I have listened to many of them.  We all have those internal wars going on in our heads – as I describe it in my book.

But if you dare to image, what a beautiful world it would be if we were all free from those internal wars! A difficult task, I know but my inner child still believes in peace.

The second part of the book is a healing guide from an energetic perspective.

I know now that my life’s work in bodywork and yoga was not by accident. Nothing has inspired me more than my education in massage therapy, energy medicine, reiki, and yoga and it is my great love to share what I have come to learn from this education and my own painful experiences to everyone who wants to know more about themselves from an energetic perspective. I wrote this book because I wanted to make the information attainable, light and straightforward for everyone.

This book is for Earthlings. For those who have suffered any kind of mental, physical and or sexual abuse. For those who struggled with drug addictions, for those who seek something else, for those who want internal peace and beyond.


Support, share, believe in peace and be free of harmful self-talk. Re-post.






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